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Re: [Debconf-team] double-checking: content on July 9th?

On 06/07/2016 05:04 PM, Daniel Lange wrote:
> The 9th should be a normal conference day. I'd let it end a bit earlier
> (e.g. closing ceremony after lunch) but Sunday 10th is explicitly the
> departure day (cf. https://debconf16.debconf.org/about/dates/). The
> advantage of doing so is that we can call people to action during the
> closing ceremony and have many hands to move things back where they
> belong, remove posters, pack boxes for storage, clean up etc. Once we're
> done with this I expect a dinner with plenty of fun and according to
> attendee stats still ~150 people around.
> As only ~50 people feel they need to leave on Saturday before the
> evening, I'd use at least the Saturday morning still for regular
> schedules and - again - push the closing ceremony to the afternoon right
> after lunch for logistics reasons.

Okay, done! :)

(See, I told you it was easy.)


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