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Re: [Debconf-team] Custom made, Conference Bags

Hi Everyone 

Please see to Conference Bags. 

I have uploaded them in Dropbox and I am hoping someone would be kind enough to upload it in GIT for me (Dlange 😉 or any one else)

These are the Conference Bags, well within Budget. 

a) They will be made up of a sturdy Printed Canvas, with a Material Inner. 
b) There will be a built in Laptop Sleeve, that will be detachable (if you want to just use the Laptop sleeve, you could). 

c) The Logo will be on the front, as well as all the Sponsor Logo's, printed onto Fabric patches and sewn onto the Bag. 

There are a couple of Colour options, Plain or Multicoloured. 

We need to make a decision hopefully by Wed evening, in order for them to go into production, right away, for us to meet the Deadline. 

They are colourful and vibrant, a piece of SA that you can take home with you!! 
The inner, is based on the African Prints that we have in Africa. 

T's I will add later this evening. 


Tammy 082 674  9764

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