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[Debconf-team] DebConf meeting tonight, 18 May.


Next meeting: 18 May 2016 18:30
Agenda so far:

1. Confirmed sponsors' liason: fulfillment. Please get indiebio and
tumbleweed on that forwarder
2. Chat to sponsors ML about local companies (non-sponsors, or lower
ranks) opportunities - indiebio
3. Day trip (pick options)
4. Bursary status:
4.1 Diversity
4.2 Outreach
4.3 Local team
4.4 Press
5. Catering decision
6. Short status report: registration, visa, video, content, t-shirt,
badge, speaker banners
6.1 And start to collect what teams need: printer, cash box (2?), duct
tape, pharmacy, cables, phone, walkies talkies, panic, sleep, etc.
7. Reconfirm, before nattie's getting nervous!!!

Minutes of previous meeting:

Actions from last meeting:
1. tamo and superfly to make a countdown banner
2. indiebio to start a wiki page on merchandise, and get someone who
has experience to help populate it
3. DLange and tumbleweed will allocate local volunteer budget
4. tumbleweed and nattie to open reconfirmation tonight

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