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Re: [Debconf-team] Conference Dinner Options

HI Everyone 

Please see the Menu's for all the options, in this link here: 


I have looked around at some options for the DebConf Dinner from something that is a little different/unique, to a more African experience, a very stylish option a normal option and lastly if the numbers are small a really fun option:

Once again it is listed from my favourite: 

1) The Aquarium at the Waterfront

They can seat us throughout the Aquarium, we can organise some African dancers/drumming as well as a Marimba band if we want to add to the African theme.

We would do Cocktails and Canapes as everyone arrives and by 7:30pm we can start the Dinner.
It would be 3 Courses please see the Menu options on Dropbox.
They would be happy to arrange Beer on tap with a few Craft Beers and they do very good Vegetarian options.
We can also choose how we would want the Tables to be set up (we don’t have to go all out as per the ones in the Brochure)

WHY THIS WOULD BE GREAT: Something very different and we would have free access to the Aquarium it is also at the Waterfront if people would like to go out afterwards, and close to town too.
The food is also very good and have been there for a Function/Dinner before - they are very well organised.
We can work out a good price and Menu for what we are wanting.

The Entertainment would be optional and an added expense.

For this it starts at:
Canape's and Drinks on Arrival = R40 p/p (set price)
Menu’s start from = R360 - R495 p/p
Drinks = Please see Menu we could organise a Bar tab or people pay for their own. Entertainment: would be extra (if we would like it)

I would say for this option we would be looking at about R550 - R650 p/p with entertainment. 

2) MOYO - Kirstenbosch

Close to UCT, at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens - we wouldn’t see much of the Gardens as the sun sets early in Winter.
This is an African themed Restaurant, and their Food is served in a Buffet Style.
This used to be at Spier but has moved to Kirstenbosch and Big Bay.
It is a large restaurant and could be quite cold and impersonal, but the price is within budget, we could also organise some entertainment as an extra - in the way of African dancers/Marimba band etc.

They do Face painting with a nice African pattern on the face etc.

They have quoted R100 per person for Bar Tab, this allowing for a welcome drink, juice on the table and the Brampton duo to be served on the evening. The balance can be used toward a bar tab for beers / wines / ciders and soft drinks and spirits be cash bar. This is a flexible tab which can be amended accordingly

For This:
Bar Tab = R100 p/p for welcome drinks, Juice on the table. (please see Bar menu attached) We could also set a Tab here.
Menu starts at = R250 - R455 p/p we can work with them to see what would work best, as well as what price and menu, we would want. Entertainment = R8000 - R10 000 therefore R32 - R40 p/p.

I would say for this option we would be looking at about R500 - R600 p/p (depending on meal options) 

3) Shimmy Club - Beach Bar 


This is a club at the end of the Waterfront situated right on the beach with its own Private beach.
In Winter we wouldn’t have the full effects of the restaurants with the DJ’s etc, but we can always ask for this option. They have Indoor seating, we could organise entertainment such as Fire Dancers, Drumming etc, they can do tailor made packages.
They have Whiskey tasting room too.

It would be 3 Courses please see the Menu options in Dropbox.
They offer Vegetarian options, they only do a Bar tab but we could order Wine for the table or Juices for the table. There drinks are rather Pricey, it is an upscale Bar.

They charge for Venue hire, the Entertainment would be optional and an added expense.

For this it starts at: Venue Hire

For this it starts at: Venue Hire : R 36’270.0000 (Incl.VAT).

250 Guests @ Set menu 1 (R380pp) 15% Gratuity (on food and beverages only) SUBTOTAL : R 95’000.00 : R 14250.00

Total : R 145’520.00 

I would say for this option we would be looking at about R585 - R700 p/p.
With drinks and entertainment it would be more towards R700., but people can pay for their own Drinks to keep costs down. We could just order wine/beer jugs per table.

4) QUAY 4 at the Waterfront 


They have the Upstairs area which is more upmarket and a downstairs area which is more casual and rustic. This is a pub and restaurant. We would hire out the Top area if the numbers are at 250, as this is the nicer restaurant with an A la Carte Menu.

The Restaurant has many Beers on Tap with a Live music band. This is downstairs so everyone could have dinner upstairs and then go downstairs and mingle with the other people at the restaurant.
This Restaurant and Bar is very public and if we have more than 250 people we would have to move downstairs which means that we would have other people at the dinner. Unless we hire out the whole venue then it might get pricey as they can seat up to 500 people. This is at the heart of the Waterfront.

The: price starts at R195 - R360p/p for the meal only.
Beers on Tap start at R28 - R45 we could arrange a bar Tab for this too
They have a live band so we wouldn’t provide extra Entertainment unless we would want an African twist.
Total: I can’t give a total but possibly in all looking at R500 per person - maybe more- if we have to book the Venue or if we want extra entertainment.

5) STARDUST - Woodstock www.stardustcapetown.com

This is a Theatre Club as you eat they do live performances, ie: your Waiter might just climb on the table and do a number, they have performances on stage - it is very entertaining and alot of fun! You get a full show and a good meal the food is very good. 
The only limitation is that they can seat up to 200 people comfortably 220 at a push.
This would be a great option if we have smaller numbers, it is a Set 3 course meal and can cater for Vegetarian options, they base their food on Mezze and Moroccan dishes. But you can choose from the al la Carte menu too.

Price starts at R235 to R365 this is for a Full  3 Course meal. We would need to add a a price for the Drinks too. 

6) GOLD CAFEhttp://www.goldrestaurant.co.za

IF the numbers are 190 or less then this is also an option. This is an African restaurant with dishes from all around Africa they have Drummers, African dancing and large giant Puppets that they dance with. 

A great experience with a set menu that offers a 3 Course meal - I haven't added prices here as this could be an option if the numbers are small.

But would be within our Budget. 

Those are the options we have so far and the Aquarium being the no:1 option.

It would be a memorable dinner, as it is a very special setting. The price is also very reasonable.

For most of the options we would be looking at R500 - R600 per person or R700 if we go with the Shimmy Beach choice. That would be including meal, drinks (for the tables) and some entertainment.

All have Vegatarian options. Menu’s we can work on options to suit our needs.

For all Restaurants there would be a Dress Code ie: Jeans/Pants and nice Top/T-shirt closed shoes - no slops and shorts, tracksuits etc unless we go to Quay 4 to the downstairs area. The Ladies would dress as they do, a nice dress, skirt or pants and a top etc.

Most places in Cape Town require a dress code especially if you want to go out afterwards to the various Bars or Clubs, for the men: they won’t let you in unless you have Long Pants (Jeans or other) a nice Shirt and closed shoes, some Bars are fine with a T-shirt but no sweat shirts etc for the Girls dress, jeans/trousers a nice top etc.

Regards Tammy 

Tammy 082 674  9764

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