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Re: [Debconf-team] Deposits for Caterers

Hi Everyone 

I am sending an email to the Caterers to let them know that we are still interested and organising the Deposit for them in order to secure the booking. 

If we don't pay the deposit there is a risk of us loosing out. 

This is the process as I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong): 
1) TBC as well as Rondebosch Caterers - we (as in me) will need to submit the Total Invoice as well as the Invoice for the Deposits to be paid to the CMC at UCT.

The CMC will then pay the deposits of  R10 000 (TBC) and R20 000 (Rondebosch Caterers) that the Caterers require for Phase 1 of the booking? 

If this is the case then we might only get payment much later and could loose our Bookings with the Caterers. 

Is there another solution? 

Nigel I am waiting for the Caterers to update the amounts I am CC'ing you into emails. Then I can send all to you. 

Please see once again the invoices of the Deposits to be paid in order to secure the bookings.


Tammy 082 674  9764

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