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Dear Peter
I trust that you are well.

We are organizing a Conference called DebCamp and DebConf over the June/July Holidays. The dates are: 23 June - 1 July 2016 for the Camp and 2nd-9th July 2016 for the Conference.

It is a coding conference (as in Software development and coding) and attracts people from all over the world.

We have booked Accommodation at UCT, during the time of the Conference and met with Kristen, last week Wednesday to discuss availability of the various rooms, and the premises.

Kristen informed us that we would need to get permission from you first in order to book, hence my email. These were the items discussed in the meeting:

1) We will be bringing in Caterers they would need:
a) a Water point/ Kitchen to wash dishes
b) NB!! a LOCKED Storeroom to store all their catering equipment so that they can rotate, the various lunch and dinner shifts                                                         
c) either a place that they can keep their tables and chairs with a key to lock up.

2) Rooms we looked at:
a) 2x Common Rooms (upstairs and downstairs)
b) 4 (bed rooms) that we could use as “hack” rooms / meeting rooms, with tables and chairs                                                                                                        c) a Part of the Kitchen

We discussed that if we rent out all 200 rooms for the conference then we could have access to Fuller Hall, but if not then we would be limited to the amount of rooms we could have....

What Kristen kindly suggested:
1) We could be allocated a room opposite the Kitchen to use as our storeroom with a key to lock up, for storage of the 
Caterers equipment (which would be perfect).

2) If we didn’t rent out all 200 rooms and you have other people staying in the Res, then the Kitchen may be able to give us a small section that we could use for washing up. (which would be ideal!! and most appreciated)

3) She would allow us to use the upstairs Common room with the fabulous balcony for Lunch and Dinner. (if we don’t book all 200 rooms) but if we do then perhaps we could use the Dining hall?
The Common room though with the balcony would be ideal as it has a toilet on either side and good flow through.

4) She would give us the downstairs common room with a few extra tables to use as a Lounge/social area

5) As well as 4 bed rooms, with tables and chairs (instead of beds) to use as “hack” rooms / meeting rooms.

6) We also discussed if there were couples attending (which there will be) then perhaps we could put two beds in one room, this would save on space.

7) We would be able to put up a few banners and notices for people, during the conference.

I have cc’d everyone into this email as well as Cecilia (kitchen/catering) as per Kristen's suggestion, and hopefully we can confirm all. We would also need to know what Process we need to go through in order to secure the booking of the various rooms - as not to loose out, this would be great to secure as soon as we possibly can.

It sounded to us via Kristen that all this is looking promising and hopefully with your approval we can make it a reality. It really would suit our needs perfectly.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts Peter!

Many Thanks 

Tammy 082 674  9764

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