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Re: [Debconf-team] Quest on DebConf15

also sprach Joerg Lorenz <joerg@firemail.de> [2015-08-08 20:42 +0200]:
> On the matter with Heidelberg University, my ties into there are
> not strong as well (I studied in Munich and Philadephia), but
> I have some touches that I could ask if you like. I don't want to
> interfere with your plans, but if your organisation commitee is
> rather open towards an alternative, it might help to ask at a few
> places, and I would be happy to do this. If you give me a go,

Please do.

> would you have a preference regarding time slots, days and seating
> capabilities? Another good area of venue in Heidelberg could be
> this, if it is not taken: Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg.

The Kongresshalle is not available for free. We have not budgeted
for this, so ideally, the university would let us have access for
free. Given the holidays and the need for personell to let us in and
oversee the event, I am kinda doubtful, but if you can swing
something, that would be fantastic.

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