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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf content re-published / Registration done


> I've added it now to the Open Weekend programme:
> http://debconf15.debconf.org/openweekend.xhtml
> I've assumed that kids only showing up for the weekend would still
> benefit - if that is not useful/acceptable I can remove it again from
> that page and put it on a dedicated page.

It may be ok, but the passers-by will not be able to participate much.

> We're looking into reposting the -announce mail to the blog so it would
> show up on http://debconf15.debconf.org/news.xhtml and the main page.
> We can either call it "Last call for Teckids Signups" or, if you agree,
> announce that the signup deadline has been extended a few days (until
> Tuesday maybe?), not sure whether that makes sense and/or is possible
> from your side.

Tuesday is ok - please add a short note that checking e-mail before heading to 
DeBConf is absolutely necessary.

> In any case, what do you see a good number of registrations, i.e. is 7
> ok and/or what would be the maximum?

7 is ok, 20 would be better, 25 is maximum.


Dominik George (1. Vorstandsvorsitzender, pädagogischer Leiter)
Teckids e.V. - Erkunden, Entdecken, Erfinden.

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