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Re: [Debconf-team] Choice of T-Shirt colors for DebConf15 Heidelberg


Am 30.06.2015 um 01:05 schrieb Michael Banck:
IMO the video-team should decide on the color among themselves, possibly
choosing from whatever colors are leftover from the regular/staff picks.
Fine with me. If they come up with a color from the meeting on the 1st, I'll try to make it happen.
Also, any chance the yellow part of the logo can be swapped for black
for the khaki color?  Possibly swapping the red part for black would
also look better for the burgundy color.  (Oh and swap red with burgundy
for the khaki color...)
Every color swap is ~40€ and light <-> dark means you need to change the under printing (Unterdruck) as well (another ~40€). That's why we selected dark colors only so we can keep the print the same on all base garments. If video - for example - really, really wants yellow we will have to make red/black prints and can use that for Khaki as well.

But we need to decide this by Friday as the order needs to be placed early next week.

Kind regards,

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