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[Debconf-team] FrogLabs at DebConf15 published

Hi DebConf team, hi others,

we have finally published the DebConf FrogLabs on our website!

This means that now, registrations from DebConf children should begin
and that DebConf should publish the programme soonish as well through
all relevant channels.


A few notes on our published website:

 * We will further polish some of the texts and also add information
   about DebConf and Debian that is relevant for children.

 * All attending children need to register through the linked form.

 * When publishing on your side, please, if possible, only publish
   a short paragraph about the cooperation, what it's about and that
   attendees should register in time. Registered attendees will
   receiv timely updates on the workshops we will run, what they
   can prepare, etc.

 * If possible, please advertise the programme as prominent as
   possible, so we reach a lot of interested families


Dominik George (1. Vorstandsvorsitzender, Pädagogischer Leiter)
Teckids e.V. - Erkunden, Entdecken, Erfinden.

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