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[Debconf-team] Question about a video from DebConf Portland 2014


I've asked this in the #debian channel on the Freenode IRC network but so far I haven't gotten an answer so I thought I'd try this email address.

There is a video I'm interested in that was recently posted:


It has a number of spots in the playback where it jumpy / scrambled.  I was hoping that a copy of this video exists that doesn't contain the bad spots as I doubt the original source recording is in webm format.  While I do prefer webm over other container / codecs... I really don't care what format a good copy is in.

I'm guessing you are the right person to ask about this but perhaps you know who is?

Thanks in advance,
Scott Dowdle
704 Church Street
Belgrade, MT 59714
(406)388-0827 [home]
(406)994-3931 [work]

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