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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure

also sprach Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <tiago@debian.org> [2014-09-02 14:40 -0700]:
> Sounds good to me, except for the "Job Postings and Job Fair" for
> Bronze sponsors. It gives enough visibility and it's intrusive
> enough to deserve a silver IMO. And please, do not consider having
> job tables inside hacklabs.

Only the job wall is also available to bronze. To get a job fair
booth, you need to be silver.

> I'm not sure about Day Trip. Could someone point an example of
> sponsor name association to this activity? It just sounds a bit
> weird to me.

I am unaware of this having happened in the past. However, many
companies nowadays take precautions to enable their attendees to
have a healthy lifestyle and a work-life balance. Hence, my theory
was, it would be interesting to some of them to present themselves
as such by sponsoring our day trip, which you can look at as
a work-life-balance-break for DebConf attendees.

> My real concern here is about Cheese & Wine Party. IMO it should
> be kept as a community-based event. It's something that is
> a whole-process-fun, beginning with attendee going shopping around
> her/his town to find nice traditional cheese&beverage, then
> playing with labels&wiki, then volunteering on tables arrangements
> etc. I don't like the idea of capitalizing what's is still
> a chaotic/unofficial/community/fun activity in Debconf.

I completely agree, and I never meant to suggest otherwise. At DC15,
we have some costs due to the venue hosting us, and those need to
be covered. But in general, the C&W party is also a visibile event
and I think we can monetize this (a little bit) without giving up
any of its spirit.

In this sense, I though what we did with Puppetlabs this year was
great. They got exposure, and we got a really nice venue in return,
without any real negative effect on the party itself.

Next year, we don't need someone to host us, next year, we need
money. What happens in future years is completely open.

> My general comment about these particular sponsored perks is that
> it (very personal opinion) only makes sense if a company has
> a real relation with the activity. For instance, having a local
> lab offering their space for a dinner, or having a local brewery
> offering beer for such dinner, then we give back the requested
> visibility. I mean, not having a '$BIG_CORP_PIZZA' event just
> because $BIG_CORP put money on it.

But if that money can be used to bring more people to DebConf?

> For such things we can use general sponsors money, as it has been
> done so far. I know such opinion is somewhat out of the mainstream
> marketing/publicity-weird-world, but well, we're used to fight
> here and there to not be swallowed by such a reality...

Absolutely, and please don't get the impression I am trying to
capitalise DebConf. Mostly, there are some ideas out there and some
will be good and some will be less good, and we will get rid of some
(and have already) and there are others I think we should not just
get rid of without further consideration.

Thanks for your feedback. It's duly recorded.

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