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Re: [Debconf-team] Trusted Organisation status for DebConf15's legal entity

Dear all,

just for the record, we incorporated ourselves on May 3rd as planned;
the official name is "DebConf Deutschland e.V.".
Work to be granted the status of non-profit is well under way.

All seven founding members (the legally required minimum) are DDs and
we all agree that we will keep the member count to the functional
minimum; changes in intent away from Debian's best interest are thus
virtually impossible.

The founding members are:

* Michael Banck
* Rene Engelhard
* Richard Hartmann (chairman of the board)
* Philipp Hug
* Jörg Jaspert (vice chairman)
* Martin Krafft (treasurer)
* Margarita Manterola

Of note in TO context is that:

* Philipp Hug is a member of the Debian Auditor team (pending official
delegation) and has agreed help keep an eye on the monetary side of
the e.V.
* Jörg Jaspert is a vice president of SPI, a Trusted Organi[s,z]ation

As far as I can see, all concerns have been addressed, many of them
above and beyond what was required. The two week discussion period has
also passed


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