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[Debconf-team] [KGB] please do not announce debian-sponsors commits on #debconf-team

Hi guys,

Please adjust the KGB config for "sponsors-table" to not announce on


The debian-sponsors repo on alioth talks to KGB, so that the sponsorship
team can monitor changes to the repo via IRC (you know, the usual reason :).

However, in addition to being announced on the sponsorship team's private
channel, the commits are also announced on the public #debconf-team channel.
This results in the sponsorship team using obfuscated commit messages to
avoid leaking details about in-process sponsorship negotiations to a public
channel; so publishing these on a channel where they shouldn't be published
results in the commit messages being useless to everyone instead of being
useful to committers.

We've discussed this on the debconf-sponsors-team list, and there were no
objections from anyone on the team to making this change.

If anyone from the debconf team needs to have oversight over the
debconf-sponsors activities, they should be added to the debian-sponsors
team on alioth so they have direct access.

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