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Re: [Debconf-team] Code of Conduct

On Thu, May 01, 2014 at 05:06:08PM -0700, Patty Langasek wrote:

> I appreciate any feedback on list, and <better yet!> on the wiki. Once we've
> come to an agreed upon CoC (or in 2 weeks, whichever happens first, and
> barring any serious concerns), I'll have it added to the main conference
> page and pushed into the git repo for use for other Debian events.

Please, pretty please, let me participate to an event which assumes that
I am grown up enough to understand what is or isn't appropriate. I would
otherwise feel patronised enough to feel excluded from its intended

This does not mean that my behaviour should be assumed to be perfect at
all times. I assume I make mistakes, like everyone else, so I'm not
interested in an environment that forbids mistakes, but in one that
has a reasonable way of dealing with them.

Please let me attend a conference where the consequence of my mistake is
that someone tells me how they felt as a consequence of my actions. I'll
gladly make an effort to understand what led to the situation, apologise
and make an effort so that the situation won't repeat again.

Tell me I'll never risk having to suffer being humiliated by a
patronising organiser lecturing me about a list of bad behaviours that I
know already, because I lost it for a second after a busy and stressful

Tell me I'll participate to an event where if I start being rude, people
will notice that it's an ususual behaviour for me and understand that
it's a display of distress. Tell me that it'll be more likely that
someone will offer to have a drink with me in a quiet place, rather than
rushing to escalate my distress using a CoC stick.

And, by all means, kick me out of the conference if you think that I'm
insisting in hurting people even though I've been made aware of it.
Please let me attend a conference where you don't need to have a rule
written down in advance to be able to do that.



This is a talk I found quite relevant:
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