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[Debconf-team] debconf website maintenance

Hi DebConf Team,

Do you need help on updating http://debconf.org/ ?

This website is somewhat outdated.  For example, it's still calling for
sponsors for DebConf13 on the front page, and the resources page (linked to
from the front page) seems to have had its last update for DebConf11.

I work with Wouter on the bid for DebConf15 in Mechelen.  Before we start
contacting outside parties (venues, lodging, sponsors, ...) I think the DebConf
website should make the best possible impression.  In my opinion, the front
page should now fully focus on DebConf14 in Portland, and link to an
enthousiastic review of DebConf13.

So, can I help with getting+keeping http://debconf.org/ up to date ?


Bart Martens

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