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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf/DebCamp

Le mercredi, 19 juin 2013 17.07:30, Thomas Lange a écrit :
> http://debconf13.debconf.org/register.xhtml says
> "which will take place from Sunday 11 August to Saturday 17 August
> 2013"
> I think this is wrong.

It's correct. Deb_Conf_ will start August 11 and will be preceeded by 
Deb_Camp_, itself starting August 6.

I have pushed some subtle changes to that website page to make the 
difference clearer.

> About DebCamp:
> The web site says that network and bed will be provided. What about
> food at DebCamp?

Food will be provided too; either sponsored or pay-for.

> What do you mean by special arrangements when you say "teams should
> contact the organizers upfront to make special arrangements"?

Where does that phrase appear? It might be a remnant from last year. 
We'll post news about DebCamp organisation very soonish, keep tuned.


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