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Re: [Debconf-team] GSoC student food / accomodation


Paul Tagliamonte <paultag@debian.org> writes:

> Hello, Debconf Team,
> As part of GSoC, we have seven students that want to attend DebConf this
> year. Luckily, their travel has been sponsored by Google, so all they
> would need is food and accomodation.
> We were wondering whether it would be possible to have them sponsored,
> and if yes, do the students need to do anything other than just
> registering for it?

I'm in favor or sponsoring all these students. We have set aside some
money for additional food and accomodation sponsorship in the budget and
one reason for this was to be able to sponsor GSOC students.

The students should definitely register as soon as possible. And they
should indicate somewhere that they are GSOC students. AFAIK it's no
longer possible to request sponsored food and accomdation through the
web interface. So they should just choose the self-paying option.

The final decision about whom to grant food and accomodation sponsorship
is done by the bursaries team (not only for GSOC students, but for
everyone). But his should happen in the next days and I don't see a
reason to deny the request for the GSOC students.


> [Related discussion about this:
> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20130506.193032.9e7e0e8d.en.html]
> The students who have requested sponsorship are:
>   - Pawel Sarbinowski
>   - Eugenio Cano-Manuel
>   - Aarsh Shah
>   - Boris Bobrov
>   - Simon Chopin
>   - Léo Cavaillé
>   - Catalin Usurelu
> Thanks!
>  The GSoC team
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