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Re: [Debconf-team] Reusable cups for DebConf13

Le vendredi, 7 juin 2013 20.06:07, Steve Langasek a écrit :
> > We investigated prices of two different providers [1]. Costs are very
> > similar.
> > 
> > Costs: 480€ - 550€, depending on colors, producer and exact quantity
> > Quanity: 700-800
> > Cup size: 30-40cl
> And do we have an estimate of how much it would cost to use disposable cups
> for the week?

I don't, but we could ask (I just did): http://www.ecocup.ch has a renting 
service [0]. There are three possibilities:

- 100% generic cups, pay per lost cup
- mix of generic and personalized cups, pay per sold/lost cup.
- mix of both: generic cups are rented, personalized cups are bought, pay per 
lost rented cup.

I'll keep the list posted, cheers.


[0] http://www.ecocup.ch/fr/location/tarifs-et-formules/ only in french or

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