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Re: [Debconf-team] Reusable cups for DebConf13

Hi Gaudenz, hi all,

Le vendredi, 7 juin 2013 13.28:07, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :
> I'm relaying this for the people woring on organizing the bar at
> DebConf13. They propose to use reusable cups for selling beverages. (…)

(Biased by my own experience of festivals and such in Switzerland,) I think 
it's a great solution, thanks for that initiative!

> Costs: 480€ - 550€, depending on colors, producer and exact quantity
> Quanity: 700-800

That puts every cup at a maximum unity price of 1.3 €, roughly 1.6 CHF. For 
what reason are the costs in € btw? Are there no Swiss providers?

> - We charge CHF 2 more for each beverage in a cup wich is bought without
>   also giving back one of the cups. If the attendees take their cups
>   home in the end, the costs are mostly covered. This is how this is
>   most often done at public events in Switzerland.

I think that's the best option, because it gives the cup a value. By making 
sure the cups cost /something/ to the attendees, we ensure people will care 
about them and not just "forget them" somewhere and get another one for free 
at the bar (which would lead to need way more cups).

One way to not put the whole cost on attendees would be to hand out the first 
cup per attendee at the registration desk but then, if you want another one 
(because you lost or broke yours, because you want a souvenir, etc), you get 
to buy one at the bar.

As for washing, I'm not sure it's necessary to machine-wash them; if we just 
water-rinse (fast hand-wash with only water) them, we can hand each attendee 
his own cup back. But it kinda-depends on the durability of the cups (in 
particular the marking).



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