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[Debconf-team] Persons of contact for Le Camp


Le Camp asked us to name a contact person for each area of
responsibility. I'm now trying to make a list of the areas where we need
such a contact person and to find people willing to act as a contact.
Ideally this person would be also involved into the issue on our side.
Having a contact person that has to further relay information inside the
debconf-team is suboptimal.

I already contacted some persons for some areas (listed below).

* Contract issue / Finances: Phillip Hug
* Accomodation: ? (Cate ?)
* Food: ?
* Bar: Michele Cane and Benedikt Trefzer
* Networking: Axel Beckert
* Infrastructure (talk rooms and hacklabs): ? 

Do we need a contact person for further areas? Would you be willing to
act as a contact person for an area that does not yet have one?

As soon as we have persons for all the most important areas I'll forward
the list to Le Camp.


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