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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for DebConf13 Switzerland bid: travel to/from venue

On 01/25/2012 09:10 PM, Moray Allan wrote:
Questions for the Swiss bid:

Quoting from http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/Switzerland/Bid/Vaumarcus

It takes ~2 hours from GVA, ~3 hours from either ZRH or
EAP (Basel), respectively, most of them by train, then a
30-minute bus and finally a 10-minute walk: practical
information (fr) from Le Camp website.

How frequent are the trains from the airports to the relevant
stations?  How early in the morning and late at night do they run?

From Zurich Airport: from 6:43 to 20:43 (arriving at 23:45) [3h trip]
there are hourly (and daily) connections. Additionally there are other
connection, starting from 5:02 [< 3h45trip]. 21:43 there is a train to

To Zurich Airport arriving to airport from 9:19 to 23:20.

From Geneva airport from 7:05 to 20:05 [1h45 trip] hourly and daily.
Additionally there are connections at 5:47 and 21:47 [during <2h].

To Geneva Airport arriving to airport from 7h56 to 23h59.

From Basel Airport from 5:20 to 20:40 (few per hours) [<3h30]

To Geneva EuroAirport arriving to airport from 9h16 to 23h19.

On nights from Friday and from Saturday there could be additionally
night connections (with night supplement and additional changes).

Additionally from Paris (TGV + 2 buses) the trip is only 4h50 long, and
I think that for many European a train trip will be quicker and cheaper.

Is there a significantly higher cost for booking train tickets on
arrival at the station, compared to buying tickets in advance?  (And
does the booking system prevent tickets being sold for a specific
train beyond the number of seats available, so that there's a risk a
given train might be full for booking immediately before departure?)

Our prices are for "any" train. There are some discounted internet
prices for specific trains. Additionally the owner of some European rail
monthly and yearly tickets have additional discounts.

BTW for people landing in Zurich: the train ticket cost nearly as much
as the daily ticket, so if they arrive in the morning, they could do a
longer trip along the Alps.


Is the walking part mentioned along a flat, paved road, so that
suitcases with wheels might work on it, or something steeper/rougher?
Are there taxis available from the train and bus stations in question,
and if so how much would a trip from them each to Le Camp cost?

http://www.lecamp.ch/situation.php?lang=fr mentions a 12-person
minibus -- what are their prices for using this, and can someone from
the DebConf team legally drive it?  If it can't take on board and
carry a large motorised wheelchair with passenger, what are prices for
options that would do that?

We are think of organizing a bus shuttle transport from Neuchatel
or Yverdon on the main arrival and departure days.  Both of these
cities have direct train connections from Geneva, Zürich and

Do you have prices for this?  Typically the largest numbers of
attendees arrive and leave over a weekend, rather than a single day
each time, and often many use cheaper flights such that they arrive at
the venue and leave in the middle of the night.

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