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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for DebConf13 Latvia bid: cheaper options

On 25 January 2012 21:51, Moray Allan <moray@sermisy.org> wrote:
> Question for the Latvian team:
> In the bid status meeting, a little was mentioned about potential
> problems with/risks of the cheaper options listed on your bid page.
> Can you give some more information about the trade-offs here?

The best option is a big hotel with the cost negotiated down to 34€
per person per night including breakfast, that is a very good place,
4star hotel, that can host all of us for the whole duration.

Option two would be to go with the secondary venue, right next to it
there is a student dorm and another hotel. This dorm could house 100
people in reasonable accomodations (say one star hotel) for 25€,
another 100 in regular student housing (basically hostel dorm level)
for 10€ (both options don't include breakfast) and then the rest of
the people would have to go to the nearby hotel for 40€ (4 star,
including breakfast). The drawbacks here are: people will be split
into very different level of housing from great to quite crappy, the
rooms we would need in the seconday venue are in a building that is
under construction (expected to be finished at the end of this year,
but that's not guaranteed), it is across a wide river from any real
entertainment establishments (there is a supermarket nearby, but no
pub, just an expensive restaurant in the hotel), due to excessive
reconstructions there is no food provider operating there, so we could
not get any commitment on the local food at the venue at this point in

Option three would be to try to reprodce the Edinburgh scenario and
house the people in various hostel arond the primary venue. I have
sent out requests for information to top 12 hostels nearest the venue.
In the two days since, 4 have responded, only 3 would be able to take
us, but the average size of Riga hostels is so somall that all these 3
hostels that responded together have only 75 beds. So even if this
plan is successful, I would expect to get 8-10 different hostels with
room sizes from a double room to 10 bed dorm with an average price of
20€, some including breakfast, others not. The drawbacks here would
be: much more organizational stress dealing with so many different
suppliers, dealing with differences, sending people to the correct
place, people would be scattershot across the whole central Riga,
people would be in very different conditions (from doubles to 10 bed
dorms), low average quality (backpacker hostels rarely are a stellar
place to spend a week at), also people with special needs would have
to be hosted at a proper hotel for their standart rates of around 45€.

As you see - the other options are cheaper, but much messier.

Best regards,
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