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[Debconf-team] DebConf13 Bids questions/suggestions :)

I guess I'll start with the a few questions/suggestions I think the
Swiss team maybe should think about:
1. I realize that it's mostly ground (one or two floors) based
buildings, but since it's not a city, what are the conditions
(accommodation, moving around) for people with special needs (eg.
people in wheelchairs and people with other kinds of disabilities)?
2. You mentioned that the Venue might be too small.
I couldn't find any info about how much persons could actually be
accommodated at the Venue (both rooms and conference facilities).After
a bit of looking around the website you provided I managed to find
some more info about it BUT only because I know German! Not everybody
understands French or German :D. It would be nice if you put some more
details about it on the wiki!
3. More info on the Network connection would be wise before the final
decision :)

These are just a few of my thoughts of how you could make you case
better, but I generally like your idea :)
Velimir aka aroundthfur,
DebConf11 Local Team

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