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[Debconf-team] DebConf9/10[/11] accounting summary


To: -project, -team
Subject: DebConf9/10[/11] accounting summary
Note: this is working copy, ready to send


I am one of the people watching the budget for DebConf, and as part of
that I have recently gone back and tabulated an actual balance sheet
for DebConf9 and DebConf10.  I thought I would share it here.

Background information: This is not "budget", this is actual money
movement, as I can find in bank records.  That means there are
probably bits not included here since they never hit a bank account,
such as cash on site.  I am considering all money coming from general
Debian funds as from/to Debian.  Like I said, I am only including
_verifiable_ transactions here.  If any DebConf transactions have gone
through other Debian accounts, I can't know of them and thus they
can't be included here.  I have converted everything to EUR.  And if
you are interested, I entered all information into the format as the
`ledger` and `hledger` programs take as input, as advertised on Planet
Debian some time ago.

DebConf 9 had €95715.65 income, €61130.10 expenses, for a net gain of
€34585.55.  DC9 "took" €9960.17 from Debian (mostly at SPI; Debian
allocated USD20k when the budget looked bad), used €462.00 of DC8
surplus.  DC9 passed on €44970.55 on to DebConf10 (mostly at FFIS).
  [dc09-bal] http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/dc9/

DebConf10 had €59716.21 of income, and €130300.76 of expenses, for a
net loss of €34584.57.  DebConf10 took €44970.55 of DC9 surplus,
€443.82 of DC8 surplus, and in the end returned €10580.45 to Debian.
DC9 and DC10 combined had a large net transfer of Debian money from
SPI to FFIS, since together they got more income in Europe and spent
more in the USA.
  [dc10-bal] http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/dc10/

Overall, these two conferences balanced each other out surprisingly
well.  The net gain and net loss by the other are within €1 of each
other.  (This is nothing more than random chance from many factors,
not due to any sort of planning on our part.)

The DC8 final report states there was further surplus money from DC8,
on the order of €12000.  I am not tracking this, since I have no means
to (and can't verify it myself), but I hope it was absorbed into
Debian funds.  I don't know how much Debian has contributed to and
taken back from DebConf up until and including DC8.

I can answer questions about the details of the transactions I can see
for these conferences.  A detailed balance sheet are linked below.  A
summary of past conference finances are at [yearly-summary], but I can
not answer much about years for which I wasn't around.
  [yearly-summary] http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/YearlyBudget

It is also worth noting that DC9 (and DC11) are had/have significant
amount paid for by sponsors directly - either a sponsor just provided
something, or a sponsor paid a vendor directly.  These aren't tracked
since I don't have documentation of most of them.

DebConf11 preview: we have about €50k pledged so far, of which only
€10k is received (that I know of).  We can expect ~€5k in attendee
fees.  Our major expense is expected to be travel sponsorship, of
which we have ~€35k allocated right now.  See the link below for a
continuously updated balance sheet.
  [dc11-bal] http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/accounting-balances.txt

I will have more to say in the coming days about DebConf finances.

- richard


( How to read the balance sheets:
 - positive Incomes are reported as negative
 - expenses are reported as positive
 - For multi-currency balance sheets, an item with multiple currencies
   will look like this:
       25,000.00 BAM
       12,750.00 EUR
       22,900.00 USD    receivable
   The lines with blank items apply to the item below them: in the
   example above, all three of these amounts would apply to the
   "receivable" balance.

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