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Re: [Debconf-team] Fwd: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

On 15/06/11 11:27, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi Dererk,
> On Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011, Dererk wrote:
>> I misspelled the address, didn't I?
> yes, its debconf11-localteam@l.dc._org_
> and you'll want to ask visa@debconf.org for those letters.
> Out of curiosity, why didnt you ask for a letter earlier?
> cheers,
> 	Holger

Ah, great then. Danke! :-)

I didn't consider it would be necessary before, but when chatting with a
close friend of mine yesterday, he told me that, as for what he
perceived and other told him, .DE customs got a little bit stricter with
Latam (he's Argentinian) visitors recently. He frequently trips to
Germany for business, and since I'm arriving to DC11 through .DE, I
wanted to avoid any possible conflict.

Hope I don't need it at all! :-)



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cellular telephone interference

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