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Re: [Debconf-team] Early travel sponsorship

Joerg Jaspert @ 06.06.2011 23:17:

someone approached me today with the following thought / idea:

"As your sponsorship meeting is a bit late, how about approving travel
 sponsorship for a selected set of people earlier? It seems a shame to
 wait until the meeting is done as the travel prices will go up in the
 meantime, so people who are obviously deserving could get it earlier."

We did have some discussion about that. My main trouble with this idea
is "Who the heck do we define as "obviously deserving""? One thought
would be to use the work the sponsorship team already did and take the
ratings from there, giving people top ranked money.

I agree that this approach is rather unfeasible, Speaking for myself I just rate people top-down in the order they are displayed to me, not according to any notion of "deservingness". Could we maybe apply any other measures? DDness? Distance? Amount of money asked for?


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