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[Debconf-team] Let's assemble the final report! [action requested]

Hi everyone,

We're ready to assemble the final report.  AFAIK Marga is still
wanting to assemble the report.  While Marga gets ready to do this, I
have two quick tasks for *everyone* who was at DebConf9, to help make
this smoother for all involved:

- Read over two texts to help proofread and check.  Go to 
  And pick any two random texts, read them.  If you have any
  revisions, either reply to this message with them, or check them
  directly into subversion - whichever is fastest for you.  For more
  information on text revision, see my last message here:

- Find one (or two) nice picture(s) from the conference (check
  gallery.debconf.org if you don't have any), and mail links to them
  to this mailing list, with a brief description.  That will make the
  finding pictures part faster, especially since Marga wasn't there,

With everyone helping with these two small tasks, we can make the
final report get done Real Soon Now.

Marga - is there anything else we can help you with?

Thanks, everyone,

- Richard

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