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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf11 Bosnia team - status update

I just forgot to note, after the banknote, which is our priority no. 1,
couple of members from Sarajevo/past DC7 team, have expressed their
willingness to visit Banja Luka to:

1. Meet up with local team from Banja Luka
2. Share their experiences from DC7 when it comes to accomodation/venue
selection + help prepare the latest finesse in regards with selected
Venue + chose accommodation.

Since after last meeting in Sarajevo there's no more Sarajevo or Banja
Luka team, it's all being counted as one team, on national level :)


Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> Last week was pretty busy for our team, we had a meeting in Sarajevo
> where we've discussed many topics.
> First "gathering" was in a form of official meeting, while the second
> "gathering" was in form of more unofficial meeting with "core" crew that
> was part of DebConf7 Sarajevo team.
> You can see some of the pictures from our first meeting:
> http://foolcontrol.org/img/sastanak_sarajevo_27_jan_2010/
> + we have created a criteria that's going to be representing the
> formation of the local team.
> + agreed to get in contact with all debian/ubuntu/lug from Balkan
> region, and getting their words of "support" for this event to take place.
> + Formed a "banknote" that's actually represented in form of a
> memorandum; understanding of mutual cooperation between team and govt.,
> financial support of 150.000 euros; usage of governmental buildings and
> facilities; all in goal of realizing and hosting the DebConf11
> conference; etc ...
> I have agreed meeting with prime minister, and am currently waiting for
> his response; this "memorandum" has been sent to govt. and it's
> currently processing. Where the same one should be signed, afterward
> we'll be working on preparation of "official" contract about govt.
> support fro DebConf.
> I'm also meeting with couple of other officials, to get some other
> general information about Banja Luka, from local transpiration, to
> airport information, to exact information about certain things. If we
> could have ~three buses, in Zagreb waiting for DC11 attendees (in peak
> when everyone's arriving); how much time exactly is needed from Zagreb
> to Banja Luka; General information about Banja Luka airport, to what
> other EU capitals is going to "extend" its service to possibility of
> "chapter" flights. Also negotiate with Mtel (ISP) about what exactly can
> they provide us with (service wise) even though they agreed to "everything".
> We haven't meet in Banja Luka, because of horrible weather conditions,
> even thought local team from Banja Luka was ready to fully "react".
> In brief notes, we're waiting for the banknote/memorandum to be signed,
> and gathering our "local team" and support of LUG's from around Balkans.
> In meantime I'm going to visit TUIWEN and lobby so whole Vienna/Austria
> votes for Bosnia :P J/k, either way, they could tell us interesting
> story of what happened to them in 2005 if anything.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++
> + Plan in Brief notes:
> +++++++++++++++++++++++
> After the banknote/memorandum has been signed, we're going to present
> you with our local team (possibly with members from other Balkan
> countries), update wiki page with all this information + specific
> details on accommodation + transpiration + everything "in between" :)
> Keep your eye on updates on: www.microsoft.ba
> Regards from Bosnia,
> DebConf11 Bosnia/Herzegovina team.

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