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[Debconf-team] Help revise the final report texts (and also make sure final report credits are correct)


If you are within the reach of this email, you can help us get the
final report out quickly.  It would be good to give the final report
texts a bit of revisions before we start assembling (Let's give us
three days to revise).  Most things have had one pass so far, but a
few more passes would be ideal - don't worry, should go fast.

The subversion repository can be accessed on the web here:

The things that you can help with are:

- Revising texts for grammatical errors, clarity, and all.  Look at
  index.txt to see what can use the most effort - let's try to keep
  this up to date.  If you look at something but decide it needs no
  revisions, please say so and I'll mark it as having a revision

- Making sure that everyone gets credited for the final report writing
  (separate from DebConf itself).  Look at credits-final-report.txt
  and if anything is missing, let us know.

To send revisions, you commit them to subversion yourself (as on irc
to learn how, or maybe someone will reply to this saying so - I don't
want to deal with that at the moment), or send diffs to me and I will
record them, if that is easier for you.

- Richard

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