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[Debconf-team] DC10 decision meeting


one point of todays DC10 meeting was "How to go on".
We decided that we have one further meeting during which the final
decision will be taken.

For that we obviously need a good time that fits all bids and a few of
us global orga people. Hence I created a doodle poll, so everyone
involved in a bid, please fill it out as soon as possible.


As we said "late February" leaves enough time to discuss topics via mail
before we have the meeting, I intend to have this doodle poll running
until 12 February *or* until we have so many votes and a clear winner
option that more voting wont help anything. :)

One extra thing added is the "maybe" feature of doodle. You can not only
say yes/no to an option, but also a "if absolutely needed I can also
make this time".

bye, Joerg
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