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Re: [Debconf-team] Request for a debconf keynote


On Saturday 19 April 2008 19:54, Moray Allan wrote:
> Some other conferences tend to have keynotes to start each day, but if
> we did that Debian types would probably sleep through them -- maybe the
> DebConf equivalent slot would be just after lunch?

I like the idea of daily keynotes (and possibly theming the events of the day 
from it).

And I also think they'd provide an initiative to get up :-) And there is video 
too. So I'd rather be in favor of keynotes at 10 or 11... - IOW: make the key 
notes the second event of a day.

As to the original request: 

I wonder why this keynote is not delivered at a Ubuntu conference and then 
streamed and recorded. IMO that would send a different message than quite 
late asking for a prominent slot in *our* schedule.

That said, I support the idea of sponsors buying slots (if the topic fits). If 
Canonical (who is the "commercial sponsor of ubuntu") doesnt want to become a 
platinium sponsor, the Shuttleworth or Ubuntu Foundation could also become 
that. Or yours truly, Mark :)

And still, I also support Martins request to want to know what this keynote 
should be about before comitting to it.


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