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[Debconf-team] New site layout

Hi there,

As promised a Long Time Ago, I finally converted the website from SSI
to Template Toolkit. It is a very simple layout, without any dynamic
stuff, and the pages are compiled by a cronjob, so the load is lighter
than before.

In website/ you have some .tt files that control the magic and the
overall site style, and then every file named *.xhtml* is processed by
ttree (the template toolkit "compiler") to generate the actual pages.
You usually would only modify those, which are supposed to have xhtml
to be included inside the main DIV.

If you want to see the result before commiting, install
libtemplate-perl and run the following commands:

$ export TTREERC=<path_to_dc8_svn>/website/ttreerc
$ ttree -s <path_to_dc8_svn>/website/ -d <path_to_generated_site> -v

I was about to automate the inclusion of sponsor logos.. but decided
to keep it manual, after all, it's not something that will change
every day (sadly :))

Have fun. Tincho.

Martín Ferrari

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