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[Debconf-team] moving the irc meeting one hour earlier or later...


on IRC we've talked about this:

<h01ger> what do you think about moving the meeting one hour back or forth? 
once again, the edu meeting is scheduled at the same time

<Tincho> h01ger: no problem for me, in fact the meeting has moved one hour 
later for us

<h01ger> Tincho, so moving it one hour earlier would keep it at the same time 
for .ar people? that sounds reasonable ;)
<Tincho> :)

<Sledge> meetings an hour later would be nice for Uk people
<h01ger> so far we talked about earlier.. 
<Tincho> I have no preference

<Ganneff> noo. not earlier.

I've set up a poll on doodle.ch to resolve this until Friday 7 UTC, 36h before 
the meetings starts. Originally I thought the meeting would be on monday, so 
that the (potential) time-shift wouldnt have such short notice. 

Please vote at - there is an option to keep the time :-)

Which currently is Saturday, the 21st, at 19 UTC, "btw" :-) (On #debconf-team 
on irc.debian.org)


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