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Re: [Debconf-team] Debcamp activities

Hi Enrico,

On Sunday 06 January 2008 16:39, Enrico Zini wrote:
>  - I'd like to encourage doing work through facilitation instead.  Last
>    year I improvised some Skill Exchange sessions[1] that were quite
>    useful in putting people into a working mood.  More facilitation can
>    be planned.  Little brainstorming:
>     - a large whiteboard where people write who is working on what and
>       where, and everyone can see it just by entering the hacklab
>     - a screen to visualise the upload queue from the camp, as was
>       suggested earlier.  And maybe, also the relevant changelog
>       entries.  Even alioth svn/git/* commits done from the camp is
>       something that would be cool to have on a screen somewhere, or
>       even all of this can be projected on a wall.
>     - a list of packages maintained by people currently present at the
>       camp (autogenerated from the participant database?)
>     - a list of people present at the camp who are part of a team and
>       can speak for the team; or a list of what people present on the
>       camp are normally involved with, or what pieces of infrastructure
>       they maintain.
>     - a list of what people have just made and would like other people
>       to test

I like all these ideas, thanks for sharing them! 

Whats the best place (read: wiki-url :) to store them, so that we remember 
them in half a year?

	Holger (writing this offline)

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