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[Debconf-team] Minutes from today's meeting


Today we had a short meeting, with the following outcome:

About DebConf dates:
  After considering the different possibilities, and taking into
account that FrOsCon, which is an important conference for many DDs,
will be held on the 23/24 of August 2008, we finally decided that
DebConf8 will be held the first two weeks of August.  This means: from
Saturday August 2nd to Sunday August 17th.
  Taking these dates into account, DebianDay would be held on Monday
August 18th, in Buenos Aires.  Right after the conf, right before the
"Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre", to be held in Buenos Aires.
  I will be sending a mail to debian-devel-announce and to
debconf-announce, about these dates, today or as soon as we have the
webpage in a decent state.

About working teams:
  A wikipage has been started to list everyone's responsibilities:

About Sponsor Categories:
  Martin and Marcela were in charge of preparing the suggested
categories, but didn't have the time to do it.  They will be sending a
mail about this to the list very soon.

About Networking:
  We want to do as much in advance as possible, to have the network
ready when DebCamp starts.  For this, the network team will have a
meeting, to list what's necessary, what's already done, and what will
need to be done in 2008.
  I'm in charge of getting as much info as possible from the hotel
(layouts, power sockets, network cabling, etc).  I'll be publishing a
summary about this as soon as I have it.

Next meeting to be held on Monday November 19th, 19:00 UTC


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