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[Debconf-team] travel sponsorship meeting outcome and plans


It is my understanding that the travel sponsorship committee
met on Saturday 17th and that it was provisionally decided
which 65% of applicants would get travel sponsorship,
subject to sufficient sponsorship money coming through.

If that is the case, do we have any idea when we can say to
the 65% (or whatever smaller fraction) of people that they
definitely have sponsorship?

In the meantime, would it be possible to disclose the 35%
to myself or another member of the accommodation team? I am
specifically interested in how many people applied for
travel and accommodation sponsorship, so that I can figure
out how many will drop out of accommodation in the absence
of travel. (that way, if it is not possible to disclose
names, then the number in the intersection would do. I then
need to write a pro-forma mail to see if they still want
accommodation sponsorship).

This would be very useful because I need to get in touch
with the hostels sharp-ish to discuss handling bookings for
people we *aren't* sponsoring: off the top of my head,
about 40 people. If we had 40 drop-outs, say, my job would
be a lot easier :)

Finally, what is the intended approach for informing people
that they are / are not successful in applying for travel
sponsorship? I would suggest that requiring people who are
successful to confirm that they are still interested with a
reasonable time-out is a good idea, that way we can
re-assign places quickly for those who go AWOL.

Jon Dowland

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