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Re: [Debconf-team] ¿DebConf9 in Extremadura?

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On 03/19/2007 07:59 AM, César Gómez Martín wrote:
> What a want with this mail is to let you know that the goverment of
> Extremadura is interested in holding a Debian Conference in 2009 or
> whenever it would be possible. And we would like to know all the
> details we need to know to apply for it.

	As already suggested by others, try to attend DC7 (and make
plans to attend DC8), that's a very good first recommendation. :-)

	But from the top of my list, I would say, try to stick with
DebConf resources, Joerg Jaspert post a message sometime ago talking
about the resources that the bid candidates can use in order to
organize themselves. Wikis, websites, pictures, reports.

	Check the DC7 and, specially, DC8 structure of sites and
wikis, start collecting info like potential places, costs involved,
accessibility and keep in mind the [1]PriorityList. If you can find
a place where bedrooms and conference rooms are in the same building
(like DebConf4) that's also a plus. :-)

  1. http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/PriorityList

	Start building your local team, you would need something
between 4-8 people (at least) that are *really* committed to make
it happen. Connectivity is *very* important, try to stick with
cables, check the necessary transportation infra-structure and
also start checking the information about travelling (VISAs,
ticket prices).

	If I'm not wrong, Germany is also interested in host DC9,
which means that we have two strong candidates.

	Kind regards,

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