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Re: [Debconf-team] ¿DebConf9 in Extremadura?

César Gómez Martín wrote:
> What a want with this mail is to let you know that the goverment of
> Extremadura is interested in holding a Debian Conference in 2009 or
> whenever it would be possible. And we would like to know all the
> details we need to know to apply for it.

OMG! No! César! Are you sure of what you are about to get us into? ;)

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> I suppose you know Amaya Rodrigo - She lives in the Madrid area, and
> has been involved in Debconf organization for several years, she can
> surely point you at some of the things to keep an eye on. 

Heh, we sure know each other! 
I am more than willing to get César on track and come up with a strong
Debconf9 bet, but he will first need to make sure we'll have a sauna
available :)

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