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Re: [Debconf-team] Re: DebConf7 registration problem (dates)

Hi, André

>    I intentionally left the dates blank as I don't yet know for sure
> which dates I would be arriving and leaving. Anyway, I filled the
> fields giving estimated dates as I really don't know the exact
> dates right now.

Right now, the dates are not too important for us - although, please,
the earliest you have them, register them on the system, so we know
how to plan for your lodging/food (specially, of course, if you are
requesting sponsorship for those areas as well ;-) ).

>    Also, I don't know for sure which airports or how much travel costs
> it will demand to get from my country to Edinburgh and back. I plan to
> consult travel agencies in the next days to come up with prices. Sorry,
> I know that I should have done it all before.
>   Do you guys think that not giving exact values for travel costs before
> January, 31 is a real reason which would prevent me from being given
> the benefit of sponsoring ?

Umh... Provide your best estimate. You can easily check online
services such as Travelocity or Expedia, and, although your actual
ticket might be somewhat off from them, it won't be too far. Try to
have the information ready in time, as the sponsorship committee will
soon evaluate the requests - and it's very hard for us to assign money
in unstated amounts. BTW, "very hard" means "we don't do it" ;-)


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