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Re: [Debconf-team] Unregistration and removal from the database

On 10911 March 1977, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

Liw: You are currently still subscribed to debconf-announce, probably
still from DC6. Should I delete that subscription too?

> I'm having second thoughts about my Debconf7 registration, so I decided
> that I should unregister myself until I'm sure I can and want to come.
> Pentabarf doesn't seem to allow me to do that.

Correct, thats no(t yet) a function it offers. The reason is simply that
pentabarf is designed for multiple conferences, so your account would
also work for DebConf8, 9, 10, or whatever other event may be hosted in
that pentabarf instance.

> Thus: please remove me from the database entirely, thanks. Username is
> liw.

Done for now, as its only used for DebConf7 anyway. For the future we
should have some way of selecting "Im interested in conference X, Y, Z,
whatever" to achieve this.

bye Joerg
> But i don't think that we talk a lot, as far as i can see, you live in
> the USA.
Australia. Only minor details like timezone and hemisphere but pretty
much the same. TZ is UTC+10 

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