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[Debconf-team] DebConf8 teams meetings

Today, at 20:00 UTC on #debconf-team we are going to hold and informal
meeting regarding DebConf8, to see how both teams are standing, show
the extra things done since the previous meeting, and see what's
missing in order to take the decision.

So, if you are interested, you have question you'd like to get answers
to, or any extra things you'd like the teams to take into account,
please be there.

On the other hand, the decision is not yet scheduled for any
particular date.  The idea is to do it in about 2 weeks, but since
this is a meeting that many people might want to attend, the usual
time of Monday 20:00 UTC might be changed.

So, if you are interested in being at the decision meeting and Monday
20:00 UTC is not a good time for you, please state which days and
times would be better.


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