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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: weather


> What is the expected weather at the venue at the time of year you
> propose for DebConf?

We are planning to do DebConf in mid August.  This allows it to be
pre-September for students/teachers in the North Hemisphere, and to be
after the winter holidays in Argentina.

This means that it would be the middle of winter.  It would be nicer
weather if we could do it in mid September, but that would probably mean
that a big bunch of people wouldn't be able to come.  This would be the
first DebConf in winter.

So, in mid August, both proposed locations are quite cold, there might even
be snow.  Mendoza is drier, we could possibly go the whole two weeks without
rain, while in Mar del Plata we expect to have some rainy days.

 Avg. Max. Temp: 18 °C  (64 °F)
 Avg. Avg. Temp:  9 °C  (48 °F)
 Avg. Min. Temp:  4 °C  (39 °F)
 Avg. rains: 5 mm (0.2 inches)

Mar del Plata:
 Avg. Max. Temp: 14 °C  (57 °F)
 Avg. Avg. Temp:  9 °C  (48 °F)
 Avg. Min. Temp:  4 °C  (39 °F)
 Avg. rains: 55 mm (2.17 inches)
> Is there heating/air conditioning in the hotel rooms?

Yes, both hotels are equipped with central heating.

 Bezos,     (o.
     Marga. (/)_

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