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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: comparison with previous venues

Hola Moray Allan!

> Can you compare your proposed venue(s) to previous DebConf venues?
> (e.g. what previous venue was most similar?)

Yes.  I've been to DebConf since 2004 in Brazil.  DC4 was the one I liked
the most, and this feeling is shared among those of us who've been there
since then.

Therefore our aim when choosing a location was always trying to reach the
level set by DebConf4.

We aim to have everything in one location, have the people of the hotel
help us out in achiving the best possible conference, and have comfortable
rooms without having to pay too much.

We can have the people that want to pay for their rooms and the sponsored
people in the same hotel, thus creating the "big family" feeling.  Going
from the hacklab to a talk or from your room to the hacklab would only take
1 minute, so time wouldn't be wasted walking useless distances.

We are even planning to have coffee-breaks along the day, as we had in

> What would be new about DebConf in your proposed location(s)?

If we choose the Mar del Plata location, the main difference with Brazil
would be that it would be located in the middle of the city, as the
Edinburgh one is going to be this year.  So, it would be an
all-in-one-place DebConf, but in the middle of a city.

If we choose the Mendoza location, the whole hotel experience would be
really very similar to the one in Brazil, except that it would be the
middle of winter, so there would be snow, and a skiing location near-by
(for pre- or after- tourism).

	Margarita Manterola

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