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[Debconf-team] Re: Ruby knowledge for DebConf wanted

On 10843 March 1977, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> So, Im looking for people who want to help.
> What you need to know:
> - Ruby and RubyonRails, obviously :)
> - SQL
> - a bit Javascript and HTML

> What you have to do:
> - deal with me. And also with the DebConf teams wishes for changes.
> - adapt PentaBarf to our needs. Most things we needed for the
>   Registration phase are done, but there are some open tasks for the
>   schedule, some reports can be done, etc.

> The whole work will be done in an svn, so we can easily track changes,
> merge in upstream changes, etc. As said earlier upstream is nice and
> helps wherever possible, so we give back everything thats not too
> DebConf-specific.

Ok, thats now finally dealt with. We had some people volunteering, I
just sent them what they need to know to access the code.

We have:

Note that the hostname *will* change to svn.debconf.org soon (as
soon as I got a new IP to use for it).

You can svn co that directly, its free for anonymous users. Commits of
course only with access.

I took all my changes and applied them again, so a nice history of what
I changed is there.

We also got a RT queue to use as a kind of tasklist/bugreporting
thing. Everyone who volunteered to help has access there. If people want
to have something changed, find a bug, want something new: Write a mail
to pentabarf@debconf.org and the coders will know about it.

Additionally we also have a list created, its behind
debconf-pentabarf@lists.debconf.org and has the volunteers subscribed
already. The list should7can be used to discuss our pentabarf branch,
what one wants to change, etc. pp. You can also sent wishes here, just
please CC the RT queue I mentioned above, as that is better to use as a
task/todo list than a mailinglist. :)

Anybody else who wants to help? Contact me for access...

bye Joerg
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  -- Andrew Pollock

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