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Re: [Debconf-team] Things that probably need to be bought in .MX


I just added the http://wiki.debian.org/DebConf6StuffToBuy page to list
stuff we probably should buy in Mexico. Of course it should only list
things we really need, so from me it has only one point:

- I need 130 envelopes to hand out the sponsorship money.
  I dont think that amount will be included in "various office stuff" we
  get sponsored. :)

I have enough envelopes to cover your request.

If you also have something that should be there but most probably isnt
sponsored - feel free to add it, with a reason, to this list.

yesterday I bought a couple of 'various office stuff' basically for accounting: a rubber stamper, a couple of blocks to keep a record of the checks/money, receipts, a couple of folders,

... and a laser color printer. Well this last one, I decided to buy it (or Gunnar convinced me that this is the moment?) for my own business (good for T-shirt transfers)... but I have a condition: this printer and other office equipment (scanner, laser black and white printer, one color desk jet printer) that I'm taking with me should be used at my room. I'm sorry, but for a person that is just starting her own business is hard to lend her precious working tools, more if they are new. I will just ask DebConf some money support to buy cartridges.


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