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Re: [Debconf-team] Authentication for food

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 11:56:35PM -0500, Rudy Godoy wrote:
> El d?a 28/02/2006 a 14:19 Gunnar Wolf escribi?...
> > Yes, I also liked a lot how that system worked - Now, the down side is
> > the logistical cost: First, we must make sure to include the proper
> > tickets (with the proper dates) in the bags of each person. Second,
> > whoever checks them must be asked to look that the date matches. But,
> > yes, if we do it, it has good beneficial sides.
> Dates could be "left" and only print coloured tickets, so one colour
> will be related to one weekday. Say green for monday, yellow for
> tuesday and so on...
> Still there's a logistic work on putting them on each bag.

i would suggest to outsource that work to the participants.

we should try to get pre-perforated paper in the proper format
(if it costs a bit, ok, it is worth the saved work), and
personalize and colorcode the single tickets.

we can easily create print jobs to print food tickets per person
per day per meal. (the per person is a bit awkward and wont be
looked at in detail when "paying" but might help
to track irregularities).

Now the hard part: find the properly perforated paper. 

i would like one a4 (or letter/legal, dont care!) to contain all
the food tickets for one person. That person gets the printed
sheet and can rip off the proper tickets himself.

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