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Re: [Debconf-team] adding a Pesos column to the spreadsheet

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 11:09:28PM +0100]:
> i now added the option to add pesos to the budget spreadsheet.
> it is not complete yet, since i only added it (as an example) to
> the "expected expenses" group of the housing page. the other
> pages (and the "spent" group on the housing
> page) where local currency will be used should also get this
> column. But with the formular there and ready it should be easy
> to just duplicate it to other areas of the spreadsheet. 

Ok, I finally got around to do this. The updated budget is in svn.

> this is mostly busy work and especially people who want to get
> used to work with the budget can do it.

Hmmm... So it looks I will be balancing budgets? :(

> what you need to do:
> - append a column after the USD and EUR columns. watch out for
>   the merged cells in the headline of the group.
> - copy in the formular from the housing page to the USD column.
>   it should be sometihng like
>   =IF(ISNUMBER($C6);IF(EXACT($D6;"$");$C6*Overview.C$39;IF(EXACT($D6;"¤");$C6*Overview.C$40;IF(EXACT($D6;"M");$C6*Overview.C$41;"")));"")
> - double check that the correct fields in the Overview page are
>   referenced. the order of the currencies in the matrix on the
>   overview page matches the order of the columns in the other
>   pages. therefor it works just fine to pull (i think the correct
>   jargon for spreadsheets is "fill") the USD value over the EUR
>   and the MXN columns and rows. 
> - check that the filling incremented the Cs in the Overview
>   references to Ds and Es in the EUR and MXN column.
> - check if everything works by adding some costs in the different
>   currencies, like it can be seen in the housing page and that
>   the results are correct.
> - update the subtotal line, too

Ok, it _seems_ it works fine. I worked with:

- Housing
- Food
- Daytrip
- Other expenses

You will noticed I added two lines at Housing: 

    Quote was originally for how many people: 200
    Calculate amounts for how many people: 300

Of course, I tried to only duplicate what's needed according to this
(pricing for rooms and food). AFAIK, the daytrip projected costs are
for 300 people. I added only one of the possible quotes we have so far
(which is by ~US$2000 more expensive) to give us a ceiling and not a
floor value (and because I hope that's the one we hire in the end). 

Now, about having spurious old DC5 values: The data in "private
sponsors" (one with US$1000 and one with 2000EUR), are those real or
testing values? Can I drop them? (we have a MX$2000 donation)

I would like to start tracking here the bank account - It follows a
different structure, so I prefer to wait on your comments, ok?


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