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[Debconf-team] New lists.debconf.org setup


As announced to the old debconf6-team list there is now a new layout of
lists.debconf.org running. We are running mailman now with lurker as the
web-archive thingie.

That also got a few new lists in our setup, see below. Generally - all
lists are subscriber-only, non-subscribers are moderated.

        This list, "Important news about Debconf. This list is a *MUST*
        for everyone, organisator or participant. Postings are
        moderated, discussion happens at debconf-discuss@lists.debconf.org"

        Moderator and only allowed posters are currently:
        Gunnar Wolf, Andreas Schuldei and me.

        General purpose discussion list for all participants and
        interested people.

        Moderator is currently Andreas Schuldei and me, any volunteers
        are welcome!

        The list for the organizer team to communicate about all kinds
        of dirty details and grand schemes.

        Moderator again Andreas and me, volunteers welcome.

        The list for taping and streaming the conference.

        Moderator is Holger Levsen and me, ask Holger if he accepts you
        as an additional one.

        The list for website development.

        Moderator is Neil McGovern and again me, ask Neil if he wants
        you. :)

        For the speakers, wanna-speakers and bof-initializers, to sort
        out and exchange relevant infos and helpfull tips.

        Moderator is Andreas Schuldei, Alexander Schmehl and myself.

In the webarchives, accessible via
http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/splash/index.en.html you also see the
old Debconf5 Speakers list. Of course that one is closed, but the
archives are there.
Similar for the other lists, I imported the archives into all of them.

List moderators will get a seperate mail with the needed password (if
they want to use the website for it that helps).

If you want to volunteer to moderate a list:
- Its not much work, usually lists are subscribers-only. You need to go
and look regularly for posts that mailman put on hold, either because
the list isnt in To or CC or because some other problems it might have.
You will get a daily mail if there is something waiting on you and can
then select "Approve, Discard, Reject" together with "Sender will be
banned/accepted forever".
- If you want to volunteer ask the existing *other* moderator, not me.

bye Joerg
Windows ME? Mit 13? Kann der nicht lieber Drogen nehmen wie andere Kinder
in dem Alter?

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