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How Stuff Works (tm)

Lo all,

Just dropping a quick mail on how the website works at the moment.

There's a provisional one up at http://dc6.halon.org.uk
It's updated from svn (debconf6-data) every 15 minutes.

Here's a quick howto:
--------------- Normal Pages ---------------
This site used embperl, so it works a little like this:

If you're a designer, don't touch the .epl files. They contain geeky
ugly code, which those smelly coders do.
If you're a coder, don't touch the html/css files. They contain wishy
washy arty stuff, which those 'designers' do.

To add a page, simply drop the HTML file (using <h1> for titles, <h2>
for subtitles) into whatever directory you want in the root (www)

--------------- Sponsors ---------------
Drop a file into:

This should be 100px wide max, and be of the name:


This would cause this file to be displayed second, with a link to

--------------- News ---------------
News files work in a similar way.

Drop a file into:

With a name like:

<priority> is, for news items, sorted in reverse order. This means that
items with the HIGHEST number are displayed first.
<title> is article title, with spaces replaces by hyhens ("-")

has a title of "Test news item"

To add an item, simply increment the priority number for your file.
Again, use <h1> and <h2> for titles and subtitles repectively.

Any questions? :)

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